Iceland Day 5 2018

Today was waterfall/beach day. We had another nice breakfast at our hotel and headed south and east for the first waterfall of the day. At major parking lots they have an interesting way of making sure you pay for your parking. They record your license tag as you enter and leave and correlate it to a payment that you make with an app on your phone or at a computer terminal inside an entry building where you input the size of your vehicle, email address, and pay with a credit card or apple pay. I have used Apple pay for nearly every credit card transaction – but not at the filling stations. Any way the parking fees are all automated – I saw no humans involved at all.

The first waterfall was Seljalandsfoss and was the one we had hoped to walk behind. In the summer it would have been no problem – but the spray from the falls had made a think coat of smooth ice on the walkway towards the falls and so we decided not to walk behind them. Even with textured sole shoes I felt like I had leather soles on black ice and nearly fell a long ways from the falls. Others had come prepared and had put crampons on their shoes and were having no problem.


The parking lot had some humorous signs on the restrooms.


Nearby we drove by Gljufrabui


Further down the coast we walked to see the Skogafoss waterfall. There was a walkway nearby to a viewing area above the top of the falls. It would have been quite a climb.


We had a very nice lunch at a restaurant nearby.

After lunch we drove to the black sand beaches of Reynisfjara. Several people have been drowned by sneaker waves at this beach – so we stayed well away from the water. Most people seemed to be totally ignoring the signs about the “sneaker” waves. There was a huge sea cave nearby and we got a picture of the rock arch.




We then headed to Kirkjubaejarklauslur and the Magma Hotel for the night.
We ate dinner in town at the Systrakaffi restaurant. We had thought we might see the northern lights tonight but it was too cloudy.
The Magma Hotel is built near a glacier lake that is fed underground from a nearby clacier. Each of the cabins making up the hotel rooms is named for an active volcano and has the year of it’s last eruption. Our is the Krafla 1984 – Number 8


Iceland Day 4 2018

I finally have a new charger for my laptop and will be able to update this later tonight!

We had our second breakfast buffet at the Icelandic Hamar Hotel, checked out, and left for Reykjavik for the Kringlan Shopping center. The conditions were snowy and windy and reminded us of driving on highway 93 south of Boulder – but here the snow didn’t melt on the highway because the temperature fluctuations are so narrow. A normal high and low is 36-32 degrees F and so road traction was fine. We went to MacLand in the shopping center and purchased a new charger for my Mac Book Air (60W MagSafe 2 power adapter) and I am now updating this blog on my laptop instead of my iPad – much better!

After getting some steps walking around the shopping center we got some Coffee and a Chai Latte and headed for the Thinguellir National Park North East of Reykjavik. This is the original location where the Icelandic government met to pass laws and legislation. It is also where the American and European tectonic plates meet and shift apart annually. There has also been periodic volcanic activity historically. We toured the diorama, visited the scenic overlook and headed towards Geysir.


The Stokkur Geyser goes off every few minutes and because it was so windy the erupted water blew sideways over the sidewalk nearby. The wind was at gale force and threatened to blow people over.


Next we went to the Gullfoss waterfall – a double tiered waterfall that was blowing spray 100s of yards away and causing ice to build up on one of the nearby parking lots where we happened to park.


After Gullfoss we headed back south and towards the Frioheimer Farm restaurant near Reykholt, Iceland.
This Farm specializes in growing tomatoes year round in Greenhouses and produces nearly 20% of all the tomatoes grown in Iceland. We had some Tomato soup with gluten free bread and enjoyed it very much.



After our soup we drove to Selfoss, checked into the Hotel Selfoss and retired after a quick dinner in the hotel restaurant to rest up from our busy day.


Iceland Day 2 2018

Well – this is embarrassing. My MacBook Air charger bit the dust and so I am limited in what I can do on this blog. I will try to keep updating the text but there will be very few pictures until later. I am hoping I can get a replacement charger in a couple of days but time will tell. Stay tuned!