2002 GRABAAWR – Day -3

This is Ken Switzer’s email and photo journal of the 2002 GRABAAWR ride across Wisconsin. I had planned to attach a picture of the lineup at the start of the day in Boulder, but I left my camera at the house of John Jensen’s. brother in Blair Nebraska and will have to send it tomorrow.

Addition: {{popup bike1sm.jpg bike1sm 560×336}}Click here for group photo

We had a good weather day, (partly cloudy) and an uneventful trip from Boulder to Blair, Nebraska. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant in Paxton, NE, called Ole’s. The restaurant serves great food and has lot’s of stuffed big game animals on display. We stopped at Mick and Gail Jensen’s house for appetizers, and then went to the Driftwood restaurant right on the bank of the Missouri for dinner.

We – refers to the Colorado contingent. It includes John and Ingrid Jensen, Dick and JoAnn Burkley, Robin and Patti Guilford, Terry and Ginny Hackney, Bob Boylan from Aspen, and me Ken Switzer.

We are staying in the Blair Super 8 motel tonight and will get up early, have breakfast in Blair, and head out for Prairie du Chien, where we will be tomorrow night. We will meet up with Nick and Martha Shuck, and Herb and Ruth Lauritzen tomorrow night So altogether we will have 14 people doing the ride (across Wisconsin) together.

More tomorrow.
Ken Switzer