We are in London!

We had very nice flights yesterday from Denver to
Chicago and then Chicago to London. Terry and Ginny
Hackney were on the same flights. We rode the subway
with them from Heathrow airport most of the way to our
Hotel. Their hotel was at an earlier stop than ours.
We have tried to adjust to the time zone change by
staying up on a normal daytime schedule, (even though
we didn’t get much sleep on the flight). We were able
to check into our Hotel about noon, and get a shower
and a change of clothes. We have ridden the
Underground(Subway) a number of times going various
places to try and familiarize ourselves with where
things are located. It is coming back to us, but we
are still feeling the effects of sleep deprivation.

I haven’t been able to get my computer to dial up the
local earthlink Internet provider. I will keep trying
but until further notice if you need to send me email
please copy my yahoo email address kws11111@yahoo.com
in addition to the regular email.
Hi from London!